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Eight for Eight (1/8)

Title-Eight for Eight
Fandom-Avatar: the Last Airbender
Summary-Eight different kisses shared by eight different couples on New Years Eve. //Gift!fic for[info]darlingdearyme. Very, very belated gift!fic.//
Word Count-2,146
Chapters-8 (1/8)
Status-In Progress.

A/N--I've decided, rather than have you wait for me to fail less at life, [info]darlingdearyme, that I would just post your gift fic as eight separate parts. Originally, I wanted to have it posted all at the same time, but the sooner you get your fic, the better, yes?
Now, my methodology for picking the eight pairings (so that you don't think that it was just what I wanted to write or anything)--I tore up a piece of paper, wrote down sixteen different AtLA pairings on it, put those pieces into a bowl. I then proceeded to pick eight pairings out of the bowl. Out of them, seven were slash or femslash and the only het one was incest. Maybe my hand is a slash magnet. I have no idea.
This little section of the eight--a Ty Lee/Azula. Dark, too, so.
EDIT: Thank you, helpful Anon, for pointing out my mistake at linking it to a Google Doc. See, LJ hates Word borders, but I like them, so I thought I could get around it by posting it to GDoc and doing a fake cut over, Yeah, didn't realize you needed an account to get there. I'll just post it here instead.

Azula always came when the moon was hidden.

Ty Lee didn’t know why the Princess would only come when clouds kidnapped the moon and stole its light from the world, but she did. One minute the acrobat would be alone in her room and the next the world’s worst monster would be standing at her shoulder, smiling.

(Though it wasn’t smiling as much as it was grinning like a hunter that’s found its prey.)

And the pink girl would turn to look the regent in the eyes—or however close she got before her candle light disappeared and she was flung to the floor—with all the seriousness that she never showed around others. That’s all she could ever think to look back at Azula with; laughing and smiling earned her slaps and crying and tears earned her bites. It was always a lose-lose situation with the Firebender, so the best she could do was be neutral and pray that she would be found boring sooner rather than later.

(Though she never was; Azula paid attention to her when she was at her complete and utter mercy in a way that she never did around others.)

New Years Eve was one such night. The pink acrobat had just returned from a night of partying with some friends she hadn’t seen since she ran off to the circus. For the first time in a while, she was truly happy; so happy, in fact, that she hadn’t even minded when storm clouds rolled over the moon and made her light the candle on her vanity.

"Have a good night?"

Sure enough, when Ty Lee looked up into her mirror, Azula was standing by her windowsill with the familiar predatory grin on her face.

"Hello, Azula." And how could she forget their ritual? Just because it was a holiday—how stupid and foolish of her—"Did you have a good New Years Eve?"

"Oh, it was pleasant enough." Slowly and surely, the Princess walked towards her, every click of her military boots resonating throughout the room. Unsurprisingly, as New Years was a time of soirees in the Palace, Azula was dressed fully in armor that was reserved for the General of the Army to wear at formal events. It was elaborate, deep red and crimson pieces trimmed with gold and shined so that they were capturing all the light the small candle on Ty Lee’s vanity gave off. Had it been on anyone else, the acrobat would have commented on how stunning the outfit was. "Father gave me some new Earth Kingdom prisoners to play with, along with money to go and buy new clothes and weapons and whatever else I wanted. He does that every year. But it was so boring without you to entertain me at the ball. Pity you couldn’t be there…"

"Oh, yes, well, um, my friends invited—"

"Yes, yes, I know. Your…friends." The word rolled off the pink lips with disdain. "I assume you had a good night?"

"Yes, I did. We went down to the big carnival that they hold in Agni Plaza…it was, uh, very fun."

"That’s nice." The phrase was honey sweet in its falsity; it was so obvious that Azula was far from pleased with having her lover not on hand for the boring moments of her regal life. By now, the prodigy was standing at Ty Lee’s right shoulder, gazing down at the slightly frowning girl with disinterest. It was a look she saved for all those that would come to know her wrath soon.

"You know, I think we have some issues between us. There’s something off…something that's very strained, tenuous. Do you feel that way, Ty Lee?"

"No, Azula." The answer was mechanical, polished and shined over the months that the question had been asked. The pink girl had made the mistake of answering the question affirmatively once; she still had the scars to remember it.

"Are you sure? After all, I wouldn’t want anything to come between us. Nothing like—" a sharp nail ran up the powerless girl’s bared neck, "lies or other people or anything. Things like that can kill the love between people."

"I’m sure, Azula. Nothing’s wrong."

And for a moment, just a moment, the gymnast looked up into the mirror. She saw her keeper smirk down at her. It wasn’t a good smirk.

"I’ve heard that kissing right on the first hour of the New Year brings good luck to couples and longevity to their relationship." The Princess bent down and leaned her head on her pale lover’s shoulder. "It’s probably just a pathetic story that peasants pass around to keep the nights more lively, but…well. Nothing could hurt us, right?"

As the candle light died out and cold, smirking lips turned to capture hers, Ty Lee couldn’t help but think that Azula was right. Nothing could hurt the bond between them, the love and affection and caring.

(After all, you can’t hurt something that wasn’t there to begin with.)

Tags: character(s): anonymous, character: azula, character: ty lee, fanfiction: atla, genre: romance
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