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Fandom-Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters-Azula and Ty Lee
Genre-Romance, hints of angst
Rating/Warnings-PG, indirect character death, large shoujo-ai (female/female) hints.
Pairing(s)-Ty Lee/Azula
Summary-Ty Lee's life was predominantly set and remembered by major events. Azula's been involved in every single one. //Told in a third person limited, from Ty Lee's POV//
Word Count-420

A/N—This was originally intended for a collective drabble post at azula_tylee, but after it was written it was too long for a drabble and I didn't really feel like cutting it down. It’s not generally my view of Azula to be any sort of romantic, but…well. Fanfiction doesn’t always have to be hard-set to an author’s view—variation isn’t the worst thing that can happen to writing or viewpoints, after all.




When she was five, and the world was made up of a few people, she met Azula. Immediately, the two became inseparable—though that was mostly by the Princess’ will than hers.


When she was seven, and the world consisted of only a few buildings, she first saw the inside of the Imperial Palace. Azula had insisted that her bestest, most beautiful friend be treated to the bestest, most beautiful sight in the entire Fire Nation-the Royal Garden bathed in moonlight.


When she was nine, and the world contained countries that couldn’t have less to do with her, everyone had been so shocked when Azula asked her to come with her to the academy’s annual Summer Solstice Ball as her “date”. She didn’t know whether everyone was so surprised because of what Azula was (royalty, out of their reach), the words she had used to ask (more mature than anyone else in their class, as always), or the rather expensive looking ring that accompanied the invitation.


When she was eleven, and the world seemed so much larger than it was, she told Azula about her plan to run away and join the circus, to live a life of excitement and wonder instead of living among the sameness of her family. Her parents had been mad when Azula’s fevered arguments against the plan kept her nearly two hours after she was supposed to come home.


When she was thirteen, and the world seemed fun with an edge of danger, she got an anonymous letter and a small box. In the box laid a golden ring with a single ruby embedded in the metal; the letter only bore two short, mysterious sentences in a familiar handwriting. “When the tides change, love, be ready. You’ll be swept up in them soon enough.”


When she was seventeen, and the world’s war made her weary, she went to Azula’s funeral. Her long lost friend had died in her cell after the doctors couldn’t heal her infected, presumably self inflicted wounds. (She knew better, though—no matter how ‘crazy’ Azula may have gone, she would never hurt her perfect skin.) All that the Princess had left to her name was a sheet of paper folded horizontally into three sections. When she was presented with it, the last trace of Azula there was on earth (given to her—it was such an odd honor to bear), there were only three words written on it that she probably shouldn’t have been so shocked to see.


“I love you.”